Laser eye surgery

It is said to be the fast, efficient, safe and predictable way of eyesight correction with laser UV rays that removes the refractive error.

Cataract surgery

Cataract most commonly occurs with the elderly people, as a result of blurring of natural lens, which causes a visual impairment.

Intraocular lenses

The implantation of intraocular lenses is performed if you have a cataract or if you do not want to use glasses.


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Get the most cataract examinations and surgeries possible with the latest equipment and premium lenses.

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I had poor eyesight almost all my life. I used both lenses and glasses, but my eyesight deteriorated every 6 months. In addition to numerous expenses for glasses, contact lenses, examinations, sunglasses, etc, I have never been able to play sports or enjoy the smooth driving. I got a recommendation for Perfect Vision, and they informed me that there is an operation, after which I would never have to wear glasses again.

Aleksandra Beniš, 1976., Vienna (Austria)

My fiancé urged me to undergo a laser vision correction. I was reading about the clinics in which they perform this procedure, but the decision fell to “Perfect Vision”, because I got the first-hand information from a friend who works there. I went there to do the examination and Dr Ivošević noticed something unbelievable – I’ve had a wrong eyeglass prescription for 20 years! When I was 8 years old I got negative prescription glasses, which I got accustomed to after a while, but I actually needed positive prescription glasses.

Ana Mitrović, 1989., Myggenäs (Sweden)

As I sit down to write these words of praise at my laptop, it has been nearly a month since I had lens replacement surgery done by Branka Ivosevic at Perfect Vision in Subotica and I can see both the computer screen and the people outside the window walking along the Danube in nearly crystal clear vision. I am a film director based in New York so as you can imagine, having eye surgery may have been quite frightening but Dr. Ivosevic as well as everyone who works with her not only made me feel at ease with the procedure, but also informed of the entire process all along the way.

Roddy Bogawa, 1962, , New York City (USA)

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