Perfect vision after 45 years of age, without glasses and contact lenses


Multifocal intraocular lenses concentrate light beams on two focuses on the retina. This provides good far and near vision, without glasses or with their minimal use.


Preoperative preparation

Before the surgery it is necessary to do a very detailed preoperative medical examination, to get all the necessary calculations for the surgery. It is also necessary to do laboratory analyses and general medical examination.  The entire preoperative preparation can be done in our clinic, in just a few hours.

The Surgery

Multifocal intraocular lenses are implanted in both eyes. The surgery is painless and is performed under local, eye drops anesthesia. The lens is implanted through a small incision of 2.2 mm, without injections and stitches. The surgery lasts for about ten minutes. The first check-up is on the day after the surgery, and other check-ups are determined individually.

Who should undergo the surgery?

The surgery is recommended for people who have cataracts and do not want to wear glasses after the surgery, but also for people who don’t have cataracts but want to permanently correct near and far vision.

The latest achievement – trifocal lenses

The latest generation of lenses has three focuses, and they provide patients not only with good far and near (about 40 cm) vision, but also with good middle distance vision (60 cm), which is especially important to people who spend a lot of time at the computer. The light distribution is always identical for all three distances, regardless of lighting conditions and the pupil width, and this makes these lenses unique in the world. The rate of secondary cataracts is also very low. 

With these lenses, patients can read, drive, work on the computer, watch TV, look at the watch or mobile phone, shave or put on the make-up, play sports, swim, dive and perform other everyday activities without or with minimal use of glasses.